In order to make a p2p-operation using our service, you need to follow the following rules:
1. Select the exchange direction you are interested in and click the Exchange link.
2. Please, fill in the all fields in the opened form. Be sure to include reliable information in all fields. In case of violation of this condition, the service reserves the right to refuse the exchange and return the money paid by the user without all fees for the operation.

Please read the Rules and Security sections and tick the box.

3. After clicking on Exchange, you will see your request for an exchange. If you have noticed an inaccuracy in the requisite details or amount at this stage, please, go back to the previous page and make the necessary adjustments to the requisite details of the exchange application.

4. Please note that the application is fixed at the current exchange rate and is also performed on it if payment was received within 60 minutes after preparation. The application is canceled if payment is not available at the specified time. In the case of payment after this period, the service reserves the right to complete the application for the new exchange rate, who agrees at the time of the client’s request for restoration of the order, or return the funds to the sender, without fees of the payment system. In the case of payment of digital currency by the client, the payment time is the moment of the payment, and not the arrival of the first confirmation.

5. Check your e-mail. There you will see a letter with the details of your application and the secret key of the operation.

6. After that, depending on the direction of the exchange, you will either be redirected to the merchant payment system for payment for automatic and semi-automatic exchanges or ill receive the requisite details where you have to transfer money for manual exchange directions.

7. After receiving the payment, you will receive the request on the currency exchange. Usually it takes 2 to 30 minutes during the working hours. In rare cases, the exchange can take up to 24 hours due to some technical problems.

8. After the completion of the exchange, you will receive a letter with a report on the exchange operation.

9. Commissions

9.1 Our payment systems take a commission of 1% from all exchange transactions, do not forget to take into account the commission of 1% when transferring funds.

9.2 If the client forgot to pay the commission, the exchange request will be frozen automatically by the payment system, the way out of the situation will be to create a second exchange request for an amount equal to the previous one or higher with a commission payment of 2% (the amount of the commission for the previous transaction and for the new one)

10.Referral system. 10.1 If you want to cooperate with our exchange service, we offer our clients to use the referral system. You will be assigned a personal link, you will receive a 0.5% cashback from new clients of our service who made an exchange using your referral link, the referral code is valid for only one operation.

10.2 If you are a client and you want to use a referral code, you will receive a one-time 1% discount on transactions in any direction

11. Operations on the exchange of digital currency occur only after the receiving of the 1st confirmation for Bitcoin and the 2nd confirmation for Ethereum. When paying on time, the order is fixed for 1 day and the payment will be made without changes in the exchange rate, regardless of price fluctuations on the exchanges. If your transaction remains unconfirmed for more than 1 day, the order will be canceled. After confirmation, contact our online chat to agree on the current exchange rate.

12. Transfers in Bitcoin system may permanent in “Unconfirmed Transaction” status for a long time. Most often this happens due to the fact that one of the operations does not process. According to the rules of Bitcoin network such a problematic transfer is attached to another block and then is processed a standard procedure. If this does not happen, the funds are returned to the sender within 1-7 days.

Unfortunately, our exchange service cannot affect the processing speed of such transfers. After being deposited or returned to the sender the situation with the application will be resolved by its completion or cancellation with the return of all monetary obligations of each party if such payment is delayed for a rather long period of time. 13. If you are from a country with a high risk of illegal financial transactions, Russia, You need to make an insurance payment. This insurance payment will be refunded immediately and your exchange will be paid successfully taking into account the previously created exchange request. (This procedure is mandatory for our payment systems)

13.1 Rule (11.), is introduced in accordance with European legislation. 13.2 The insurance payment shows the solvency of the client. 13.3 The insurance amount is USDT.

14. The Service has the right to request verification of any user and his payment data. The administration has the right to request verification for any identity documents, as well as a photo with a document in hand.

15. The Service reserves the right to suspend the client's exchange operation if it is highly risky or illegal, according to the complaint of the Service partners. Each transaction is verified through the independent Crystal complaint service. Upon receipt of a verification result of 70% or more, such payments will be suspended and refunded, minus the commission of the Bitcoin network! The exchange of such funds is impossible! After completing the verification procedures, the permitted return of risky crypto assets is carried out in accordance with the service regulations within 24 hours.

16. The service provides maximum support to the client in any force majeure situation that may occur as a result of the exchange until fully resolved.

IMPORTANT! We do not publish our accounts for funds accept from customers! Exchange is done only via the site! Do not be the subject for the tricks of frauds.

We are not responsible for the actions of these individuals after receiving funds from our exchange service. Make operations only with wallets and accounts you have full access to.

If you have any questions at any stage of interaction with our service, please, contact our operator in the online help chat room. He will answer all questions and help you with our service.

The schedule of the service: Round-the-clock.

Thank you for reading the rules!